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EMS* (Electro Muscle Stimulation) Training is booming!

With over 300 studios in Germany, Austria & Switzerland the EMS method of training continues to grow in Eastern Europe as well. Now it’s come to the UK!!

Be one of the first UK franchise partners, allowing you to enjoy your independence and the challenge of running your own business.

20EnergyStreet has the appropriate and sustainable operator model to help you in growing your EMS franchise and now participate in this success by securing your location and setting up your own EMS studio. This is an extremely dynamic and fast growing market so why no profit from our proven 20EnergyStreet System?

EMS Training Booming

20EnergyStreet is looking for Franchise Partners

We see every day that more and more people want to achieve maximum fitness results, despite having very little time available. Welcome to 20EnergyStreet!

To answer the market demand, we have made available “The 20EnergyStreet System” for suitable franchise partners. Manageable capital requirements, low monthly fixed costs & small space required for a Micro Fitness Studio are some of the benefits of setting up and running your own bespoke EMS studio effectively and efficiently. Generally we work with 2-4 EMS stations, which leads to high productivity and maximum customer satisfaction. 20EnergyStreet guarantee to provide you with a proven system based on our experience and expertise.

Your investment will be returned quickly and monthly costs are secured. The 20EnergyStreet System provides a standardized and certified path to success with the safety of a proven business formula.

Do you want to become your own boss and work with a proven business model? Request our information pack today, without obligation.

20Energystreet Franchise Partners

Franchisee Opportunities & Benefits

  • An upcoming and new business model in the UK
  • Focusing on revolutionary EMS technology
  • Fast and effective training results
  • Clients only need to train for 20 minutes a week
  • Individual and varied training
  • Very modern style factor & Studio design experience
  • Relatively small studio space required
  • Ability to train a high volume of clients
  • Studio capacity works at approximately 300 members
  • Business model which offers significant high revenue and potential
  • Individual and varied training
  • Full training and support provided (including business plans, marketing, administration, recruitment & software advice)

Small is Beautiful

Micro Fitness Studios such as 20EnergyStreet require a relatively small space in order to operate, the total size of which does not exceed 1000 square feet. Usually the studio will be located very close to the residential or work location of the clients. The small studios allow for a private and personal training experience in relaxed environment while enjoying a highly effective workout. A real alternative to what usually feels like being an anonymous person within a large gym studio.

Customer success also means business success

"Nothing is more successful than to make others successful." Fulfill your dream of independence and bring many people to their long-awaited fitness success. And the best thing about it is that you will be very successful. At 20EnergyStreet, it's all about fast and long-term success! With our EMS Fitness Studio System, your customers will certainly achieve their fitness goals. Why? Because at our 20EnergyStreet office, we have accumulated intensive and practical marketing experience for several years now, in order to provide you with an extremely stable and well-thought-out operator system. And this system will ultimately lead to your own professional and economic success through the enormous fitness success of your customers.

Customer Success

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