Frequently Asked Questions

Is EMS Training Safe?

Yes, EMS training imitates the natural principle of muscle contraction, which is a result of the interaction between the brain, the central nervous system and muscle tissue. 20energystreet uses a low frequency stimulus to activate intense muscle contractions and your EMS trainer will ensure your individual training levels are an optimum fit for you. In comparison to other strength training, EMS training is renowned for being particularly gentle on joints.

Certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications and EMS training with 20energystreet may not always be possible. Medical consent might be necessary for some physical conditions and these should be discussed with your EMS trainer before any training commences.

Can anyone do EMS training?

EMS training with 20energystreet has been scientifically proven to be effective for people of all age groups and fitness levels. This means a performance athlete with many years of training experience can train next to a person who has been physically inactive for many years. As previously stated, certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications and EMS training with 20energystreet is not recommended in certain cases.

(For some medical conditions, a doctor’s consent might be needed and suitability for the training needs to be assessed on an individual case-to-case basis).

How is 20energystreet different from other EMS training providers?

Our 20energystreet studio specialise in EMS training – we don’t offer other forms of training in our studio. This allows us to provide a full-time personal EMS training service, which we consider to be the major factor in enabling you to reach your training goals and for you to save time. Our trainers use the most intense and most effective programme of the EMS device suitable for each individual.

An EMS trainer guides your training every step of the way ensuring you get the full benefit of each and every workout. Our specialisation in EMS training also allows us to work with a simple price and membership system, without any hidden or additional costs for extra services.

How quickly will I see results?

As with conventional training EMS should be done regularly in order to ensure and maintain optimal results.

You will feel a difference after your very first training session. Endorphins are released and you will experience greater physical awareness and improved posture. There may be some muscle stiffness while your body recovers. Within about 4 weeks you will feel stronger and muscles will be toned. After approximately 6 to 8 consecutive sessions you will notice a considerable visible difference from EMS training by way of increased muscle formation and probable reduction in body fat (depending on your diet/nutrition).

What does it feel like when the EMS machine is activated?

You feel vibrations on the various muscles that are activated by the EMS machine. It does not hurt but maybe feels a little strange at first!

What do i wear for a training session?

Come as you are! For your trial we will provide you with the 20energystreet top and leggings you need for an EMS training session. When you sign up you can purchase your own set or make use of our laundry service that gives you access to a set of garments and a towel at each session. You can train barefoot or wear trainers.

Can i train with a friend/partner?

Yes. Each training session can accommodate two people. It is often more motivating training with someone else.

What should I eat/drink before an EMS training session?

EMS training with 20energystreet can be a high intensity training session and it is important to have a sustainable meal (carbohydrate and protein-based) 2 to 3 hours before training. We also recommend drinking at least 500ml water an hour before training to ensure proper hydration.

Can I build up muscle and get toned using EMS?

You not only can but will!! As building up of the muscles is the central component of EMS Training. EMS Training allows simultaneous training of all the muscles of the body, it is much more intense than a conventional workout.

What types of sports use EMS?

EMS can be used as additional training for ANY sport. Many professional athletes (eg. football players, golfers, skiers etc) use the EMS method of training and confirm excellent results. For individual sports, our trainers will select specific exercises and develop a personal workout plan for you.

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